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About the AKHLAQUNA Award

AKHLAQUNA is an award introduced by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar Foundation (QF), at QF Convocation 2017, to endorse the idea that knowledge and morality are intertwined, guiding together the prosperity of societies.

The Award highlights Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) universal and inclusive moral values, such as mercy, tolerance, honesty, and generosity, in the minds of the younger generation, recognizing those who exemplify great moral character through initiating projects that serve their community and beyond.

Award Categories

Akhlaquna Junior Award

It is an award for school students between the ages of 7 and 14, where the school nominates students who set an example for the school according to various criteria and evidence based on these criteria. This year, 12 students qualified for the award.

Akhlaquna Projects for Youth Award

This award is for young people in Qatar aged between 15 and 24 years, where they submit projects with special criteria under Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) four ethics of (generosity, honesty, mercy, and tolerance).

The Akhlaquna Individual Initiative Award Category

This new category was launched in 2023 to highlight the owners of morally and socially influential initiatives, provided that the initiative is ongoing and its owner is the one supervising it.

Akhlaquna Appreciation Award

It is a new category launched in 2023 to highlight a role model in society who is characterized as a true and sincere personality in her work and has a moral and social impact and community contributions in Qatar.