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The AKHLAQUNA Award inspires our next generation of leaders.

Morals enlighten our world

"Morals guide knowledge toward the good of humanity, and the relation between them is intertwined. No civilization has flourished without the pillars of knowledge and morality."

- Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser

About Akhlaquna

  • Who we are

    Who we are

    An award that recognizes individuals who have carried out projects that benefit their community.

  • What we stand for

    What we stand for

    Our goal is to encourage the adherence to universal moral values that are shared by all religions and cultures.

  • What we do

    What we do

    We celebrate youthful project owners and support their efforts to take their projects one step further.


"I am very proud that our app, Mobsron, has won this prestigious award. I couldn't have achieved this without my teammates. We believe that winning this award will help us reach a larger audience and take our project to the next level, with Qatar Foundation's support."

Nawal Al Kurby Founder of Mobsron

Nawal Al Kurby - Founder of Mobsron

AKHLAQUNA empowers the youth

AKHLAQUNA is a platform that offers the opportunities for the youth! By joining AKHLAQUNA’ s programs, you will be able to build long-lasting friendships and connections. You will meet like-minded youth from all walks of life, and gain vital transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, and time management.

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