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The Akhlaquna Individual Initiative Award Category

This new category was launched in 2023 to highlight the owners of morally and socially influential initiatives, provided that the initiative is ongoing and its owner is the one supervising it. The initiative's impact is measured by following its owner's accounts. This year, ten initiatives were nominated, three of which have been chosen by the jury to be honored at the ceremony:

Sheikha Al-Subaie

A purpose-driven content creator who merges art and ethics through graphics calling for good morals. Shaikha has around 180,000 followers on Instagram, and she is one of the moderators on the TV program "Al Khair Aat" [Goodness is Coming], under Qatar Charity.

Ibrahim Al-Bishri

An innovative storyteller for children. He presents and integrates children's stories in various distinctive styles. Ibrahim excelled in the media field, as he works for the "Baraem" channel, where he presents the "Nam Al-Qamar" [The Moon Has Slept] program, which greatly influences children.

Al Nawar Al Thani

She owns the "It'am" [feeding] initiative, which is based on thanking and appreciating workers for their noble actions, where various meals are prepared, with words of thanks and appreciation written for those who work hard. This ongoing charitable initiative has ethical dimensions that appear through sharing and distributing meals to community members.