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Akhlaquna Projects for Youth Award

This award is for young people in Qatar aged between 15 and 24 years, where they submit projects with special criteria under Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) four ethics of (generosity, honesty, mercy, and tolerance). Out of 10 projects evaluated by the jury this year, three have been qualified:

Enough of the Plastic

Problem-solving makes the world progress.

This project addresses plastic pollution by encouraging entrepreneurship in reducing consumption and providing sustainable alternatives that support Sustainable Development Goal 14 and help clean up our oceans.

Asehaa (Healthy Ones)

Self-perception can be life changing. As a society, we’re not fully aware of the impact eating disorders have on the lives of both those with the challenge and those close to them. Asehaa focuses on raising awareness about eating disorders in the community, outlining consequences, and encouraging people to seek support.


The project aims to contribute to the development of the educational process in the country and increase academic achievement in schools by improving learning patterns. The team has implemented a method of classifying students according to their educational patterns by designing an online program consisting of two parts: one for the school and another for the students. The program includes special verification codes that ensure the accurate and fair organization of the classification process.